Guide Thane Arena of Valor’s favorite Tanks Crashing Opposing Defenses!

Guide Thane Arena of Valor’s favorite Tanks Crashing Opposing Defenses!

Guide Thane Arena of Valor — THANE is a hero Arena of Valor of the versatile tanks! He could be the opening clash, offensive, and also provide high resistance to damage.

Unfortunately, the presence of new tanks as Taara and also Cresht, making Thane enough “suffered” in terms of the win rate. In fact, talking about damage, Thane is not inferior, in fact he was an all-rounder snail in the game!

Although it got a role as a tank, but Thane can also play like a warrior with a high resistance to damage. His damage he got from his skill.

Passive skill Thane is the Royal Power.

This ability makes the Thane recover maximum 24 percent of his HP for 6 seconds when his HP drop below 30 percent. This is the skill that makes him not to fear death!

But unfortunately, the Royal Power has a cooldown that is long enough, that is 75 seconds. So, you have to be careful so as not to lose.

His first active skill is a Valiant Charge.

Thane forward, broke through the front side while giving your opponent’s damage. At the end of this skill, Thane will be shattered the enemy, and also gives the effect of stun.

After making a Valiant Charge, Thane can perform follow up by activating the Avalon’s Fury. Thane hit the ground, giving damage to the enemy in the vicinity, and also throwing them into the air!

After his rival dropped to the ground, their speed will slow down the movement of 90 percent for 2 seconds.

The last is the ultimate of Thane, i.e. the King’s Glory.

This is one skill that was feared by his enemies because it gives a very big Damage!

In addition, the King’s Glory also provide physical damage, amounting to 15 percent of HP’S opponent was missing. So, the less hp your enemy, then the damage from this skill will be even greater. Suitable to do the finishing.

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— Because it wanted to be a tank, Thane is obligated to have a high-def and HP. Mail of Pain becomes the first item choice Thane!

In addition, passive unique from these items are also useful for Thane who did play aggressively broke through the defence of the opponent. When opponents attacked him, 15 percent of the damage they will turn around. Cool isn’t it?

Sonic Boots are shoes that are suitable for this hero. In addition to give it movement speed and high def, this shoe also reduces the damage he received from a normal attack by 15 percent!

— The third item in thisĀ Guide Thane Arena of Valor is a Crimson Banner. The attributes given by this item is similar to the Mail of Pain, that gives the maximum HP and def. However, a difference you can see in the passive sense.

Crimson Banners suitable really for Thane who plays the opening clash and give assists. Because each kill or assists he makes, then his HP will recover by 20 percent over the next 5 minutes!

If get 5 kill or assist? Meaning HP Thane will recover fully

— Defenses to attack magic is also important for Thane! If you only rely on phys. def, then he will lose if faced with a mage as Natalya or Preyta.

Therefore, the item Hyoga’s Edge can help Thane in offensive magic. In addition, the unique passive effect of these items also help Thane in the pursuit of his enemy if he want to do a gank or close the gap with his rival.

Guide Thane Arena of Valor

— Still on item magic def, Standard Gaia’s could also be the fifth item to Thane. This item gives the magic def big enough for Thane and also provide additional HP. In addition, the esktra movement speed by 5 percent has also become an extra from this item.

But that makes this a mandatory item owned is a passive sense. After receiving damage, Thane will restore 8 percent of total HP in 2 seconds!

Although there is a cooldown of 10 seconds but still only 8 percent is great numbers if HP Thane reached more than 5000.

— The last item in this Guide Thane Arena of Valor is The Aegis. This item gives the cooldown reduction so Thane can continue to download spam his skill, where 360 percent, and physical defense.

What’s interesting is, The Aegis is a genuine counter to the MM have increased attack speed. Because of The unique, passive Aegis will reduce the attack speed of the enemy around Thane by 30 percent, and their movement speed by 15 percent!

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