Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking Skills

Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking Skills

Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking Skills — Ganking is a movement where one more hero moves a bit twisted to outflank the enemy alone and kill him quickly. Some hero in Mobile Legends were created with a unique skill and can be useful for doing the gank. Like the hero-hero here, they are very suitable ganker hero and is the best in Mobile Legends. Curious anyone? Check out more information here. mobile legends best hero


Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking SkillsOne of the cheapest assassin hero with this terrible ability of course no doubt as a ganker hero. Saber can injure enemies with Flying Sword from afar and then use Charge and do a Triple Sweep to target. When it is provided with a Blade of the 7 Seas, will be very much reduced enemy armor once and make it die quickly. mobile legends best hero


Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking SkillsKarina is the only hero assassin in Mobile Legends until now that rely on magic damage. Karina is a ganker hero and she is dangerous because she is very agile, with high resistance to damage. When she uses the battle spell Retribution already equipped with items jungling, enemies can not run away from it and died without being able to do much.

Next Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking Skills


Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking SkillsThe next best ganker hero is a Cyclops at once become hero mage favorite in game Mobile Legends. It has Planets Attack to add his speed movement when moving to another lane. When an enemy is about to escape, he uses a combination of Star Power Lockdown > Stardust Shock > Planets Attack. Most hero that alone will die exposed to the combination of this Cyclops skills. mobile legends best hero


Zilong is the hero mele fighter and one of the strongest in the ganker hero Mobile Legends.

Unlike most heroes in Mobile Legends, Zilong has some skill in favor for a gank. One of them, namely his first skill that makes enemy relocated forward direction body Zilong, meaning make it easier for the team to kill the enemy. mobile legends best hero

To do gank with Zilong is quite easy. If you guys haven’t gotten the ultimate skill, you can approach the enemy using skill. After the second skill, exposed the enemy’s movement will be slow in a few seconds. Don’t let the enemy escape, after you guys waged a second skill, soon you guys use the skill is considered so that the enemy is right behind you guys. If the enemy will look blurry, it’s good you guys use spell Petrify or retribution in order to make the enemy does not move/slow down the movement of the enemy.



Chou is the hero who almost all fighter mele skill was made to gank in Mobile Legends.

The second skill owned by Chou has effectiveness to flee or to roam, as we know that he has a second skill will make him become immune in a moment of skill to evade the enemy. And for the skill that he got the first, make the enemy was thrown up which makes the enemy cannot move while of course.

To use it is not quite that easy, but it can also say it is not too difficult. Usually people get errors while using the first skill, i.e. during the first skill to want to use the third, but was routed to a minion, not to the enemy hero. That’s what makes it a little difficult Chou used. mobile legends best hero

Use the first skill two times, and then reserving at the end. Use the second skill for approaching enemies and use first skill once again. When the enemy in a State can’t move, then use the ultimate skill and point it in the direction of our team.


Well.. That’t the Mobile Legends Best Hero With Ganking Skills.

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