Xiaomi opens new markets in Russia MI STORE 24 hours first In The World


Xiaomi opens new markets in Russia MI STORE 24 hours first The World

Mobile phone vendor China origin, has spread its wings to start Xiaomi European markets. After Spain, Xiaomi opens new markets in Russia.

The presence of Russia’s Prime Xiaomi unmitigated. Xiaomi directly provides the Store open Mi store for 24 hours in the heart of Moscow.

The application of the concept of the store for 24 aimed at attracting people’s interest can Russia for buying their products all the time. MI Store 24 hours this was the world’s first Xiaomi store that never closes 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Xiaomi opens new markets in Russia

The store was inaugurated Thursday (16/11/2017) and this is the first outlet in Russia built Xiaomi. Previously, product entry to Russia already Xiaomi on April through local distributors of RDC.

At the opening of the store, Xiaomi promote some of its products, such as Mi Mi Mix 2, Note 2, and 4 k Redmi.

In addition, Xiaomi also give gifts of price cuts. MI Mix 2 6 variants are only sold at $584 from the normal price of $739.5

Recently, new Xiaomi indeed heavily expanding the market of offline and online to increase sales.

In its home country, vendors had had 220 outlets located in big cities. Xiaomi plan to to add to their outlets to 1,000 outlets in the next three years.

In addition to Russia, Xiaomi now has stores in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

In the year 2020, targeting to Xiaomi can become the ruler of the number one smartphone market in China.

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